Foods that Can cause Cancer(Avoid Them)

In the 21st Century cancer has become one of the Major Causes of death.

Study has shown that a healthy diet can actually prevent cancer.

Eating too much of the foods below can increases your chances of getting cancer.

1.Too Much sugars

High blood sugar levels are said to be a very high cancer risk.

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Too much sugars normally cause inflammation within your body,so to avoid cancer avoid all type of foods that increase Insulin Levels.

2. Processed Meats and Meat products

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Study has shown that 305 of people who eat large amounts of meat have higher chances of having cancer.

3. Dairy

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30% of men with prostrate cancer at one point in their lives consumed large amounts of dairy products that increased their chances of getting the disease.

Avoid over consumption of dairy products.


Being overweight or obesity can also increase your chances of getting cancer.

Cancer fighting foods you should eat:





5.Beans and Legumes

But Just to name a few.

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