Man faints after family cons him off dowry Money and runs away

A man has been hospitalized in Nyeri after he was conned off his dowry money.

Festus Kinuthia Njuguna was an excited man until things took a dramatic turn after paying a dowry of 450,000 kshs to the family of Dasiy Wambui Kinuthia.

“Everything went well during the dowry payment and another meeting was scheduled for the next day in order to plan for the wedding arrangements,my kinsmen and i had booked hotel rooms in a nearby town spent the night there. The following morning we returned to Daisy’s home which is located in kimboi village in Nyeri only to find the house deserted while both wambui’s parents and my wife to be phones were off”

We knew we had been conned when we were told by a local that the house didn’t belong to the family and that they had just rented it to con me off my money.

I had dated Wambui for 6 months and was really in love with her.I urge the government to help me recover my money. Festus said.

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