Grown Woman who lives as a full time baby spends 30,000 kshs on Nappies and lives in a crib.

Truly the world is full of wonders, A woman going by the name Paigey Miller a content creator from East Coast USA has been living life as a baby from 2018.

Paigey who has a large social media following that actually supports her lifestyle say’s that he has no fear of going public on how she lives her life.

I get thousands of emails everyday of people thanking me of my courage for going public.

Paigey who has a collection of toy’s and drinks milk from a milk bottle is not afraid of any criticism that she receives from people who normally think she is mad,things she says bring her joy.

She further adds that her current situation hasn’t affected her life greatly since the people around her appreciate her for who she is,especially her boyfriend.

Paigey has urged people out there to be real with their selves and if there is someone who wants to be just like her then she is free to join her online community.

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