I was Forced to eat snakes while working in Qatar

Zainab Fatuma has seen it all from being abused sexually,physically to being forced to eat snakes by her employer while in Qatar.

Fatuma left Kenya to go to work in Qatar in late 2018 through a Kenyan based agency that recruited them in Eastleigh.

“I was so excited that i finally got a well paying job that would enable me to sustain my family back here in Kenya” Fatuma told Viral magazine.

Everything was working so well for Fatuma until things took a dramatic turn in mid 2019 where her employer a wealthy Arab started abusing her sexually.

“The old man would come to my room at night and he would rape me the entire night and threaten me that if i happen to tell anyone he would kill me”

Physical abuse started when one day Fatuma decided enough is enough.The old man would beat up Fatuma nearly ever day until she was hospitalized.

After continuous physical abuse the old man ordered me to prepare contents of a bag which had been delivered to him.

To my shock it was a dead snake,chopped it up and cooked it for him, it was a traumatizing experience.

The old man forced me to feast on the snake with him something that i regret to this date.

Working in Qatar is a hell experience on earth especially for domestic female workers. I wouldn’t advocate any Kenyan to go to Qatar in search of greener pastures because it will all end in tears. Fatuma added.

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