I slept with demons in order to attract customers to my business-Nairobi based business woman claims

Over the years we have had tales of people claiming that they have slept with demons.

Many believe this but also many say there are just mere stories to scare people.

However one cannot ascertain those claims unless you have experienced it.

Caroline Nduta has been sleeping with demons for the past 3 years in order to boost his business.

Nduta operates a wholesale shop in Kamkuji which she says has had a turnover of more than 100 million in the past three years.

Nduta claims that she visited a local witch doctor in Mombasa and she bought evil spirits commonly known as Majini which she stored them in her house and shop.

“From that day on am usually visited by evil spirits at night and those spirits usually have sexual intercourse with me,i cannot complain as long as i get what i want”

Nduta has urged business people to seek the help of traditional doctors in case their businesses experience challenges.

“It doesn’t come cheap but its worth it”Nduta said as we ended our interview.

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