Health CS Mutahi Kagwe Confirms 8 more Corona Virus cases bringing total to 15

BREAKING NEWS: Health Cs Mutahi Kagwe has confirmed 8 more corona Virus cases today,5 Kenyans and 3 Foreigners.

336 People that have interacted with the 8 Patients still being sought after.

This makes the total number of people infected with Corona Virus 15.

The Cs has said that the Government shall take strict measures to make sure the rules that the ministry of health put forth are followed to the latter.

The Cs has banned all gatherings of any kind whatsoever may it be in Churches, Mosques,bars or any other place that people gather together.

The Cs has also urged the Matatu sector to stick to the rules that were laid out in order to curb the spread of the Disease.

More to follow:

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