My Pastor took my Son’s placenta 2 years ago now he cant talk nor walk woman cries out

A woman has recently came out to narrate her family troubles and is seeking for answers on how to handle the situation.

He suspects that her pastor might have done something with her son’s placenta that is why h cant walk or talk at the age of 2.

“My story is a bit long . This year will make it five years since I got married to my husband, I’m grateful that he trained me in school, which I will round up this year. Within those five years, I have had two kids for him

The issue here is that my husband has a pastor who he listens to; anything this pastor tells him he does without thinking.

When I gave birth to my first son, without my permission he gave my son’s placenta to this so called fake pastor to pray and dispose it for him, till today my first son is two years and some months and he can’t walk or talk,something that is really disturbing me.

My second pregnancy. I told the doctor not to give the placenta to my husband which they obeyed me. This pastor told my husband that I cheated on him with someone in my school and he believed. He was forcing me to tell him the truth, I told my husband I was not a wayward girl while I was single, is it now that I will be wayward? Till today he still believes that I cheated on him.

Since last year October, my husband has been so harsh onme, talks to me anyhow in front of his boys and my cousin sister living with me. Since last year, he wanted my sister to go back because she is always behaving lousy, but I begged him that only me can’t cope with these two children plus school and house duties, he said she must go

I am depressed and so down; when I was dating him he was not like this. I have fallen out of love, this is not how I wanted my marriage to look like. I’m the only one always apologizing even if he is wrong.

I just want to close my eyes and finish my school this year to find something doing with my life, I’m just tired of everything. I am 25 he is 35.”

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