Millionaire Turns Ksh8M Boeing Plane Into Night Club

For one Flash Mwatha, to get an extraordinary miracle, one has to first achieve an extraordinary milestone after undertaking a huge risk.

On Sunday, April 5, Kenyans were stunned when a fuselage of a Boeing plane was transported through highways in Nairobi, sparking a debate on its purpose and how it was acquired. 

However, the engineer assigned to the project, in an interview with VIRAL KE in May 2020 disclosed that the owner was setting up a unique 5-star night club and restaurant in Kitengela, at a cost of Ksh 8 million.

The grounded aircraft had remained parked at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for several years before he hatched the idea to renovate it and set up the entertainment joint dubbed Club 034.

Upon entry is a red carpet welcoming guests and one is accorded the chance to feel like they are embarking or alighting from a plane.

Inside the plane, Mwatha has a blueprint of how the dream will be realised. 

“This is the cockpit and the engine has been removed. The plane will have a first-class and economy class. The cockpit will be for very very important people (VVIPs).

“In the kitchen area, we won’t change anything. We shall still use the same trollies that were used to serve while the plane was airborne,” he disclosed.

The project manager removed all the seats from the plane and detailed that he had crafted a system by which the plane would accommodate over 100 guests.

“In first-class, we are going to strip it top and bottom and decorate it with a 3D model. In the model, we shall set up clouds that create the atmosphere of a real flight.

“We are also coming up with software whereby you can book tickets online and check on availability. All you have to do is show your ticket on entry and be ushered to your seat. When you check out, we also do so online so that someone else can reserve the seat,” he added.

The idea, he hopes, will attract as many people as it can. To ensure that clients are well served and to avoid frustrations, Mwatha stated that he will create extra space outside with decorated tents and seats for waiting customers.

“We shall put the airport lights outside and build a tower too. We shall also set a day for students and tourists to visit so that they can find out what a plane entails and feel the flight experience too. I don’t know when we shall launch it but we are optimistic,” the millionaire stated. 

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